Thursday, 10 September 2020

How To Get Payload Settings For Free Browsing Cheat - For All Networks


If you have Payload settings for any social bundle tweak, 0.0k Free Browsing Tweak whether unlimited or limited - working well on any VPN like HTTP Injector, etc, and would like us to add it to EC Tunnel VPN, then you can contact us through our Support Bot via @Entclasshelpbot on Telegram.

Regardless of your Country or Network, we will add it for you.
payload settings host
payload settings

Interestingly, we can even compensate you for your efforts and taking out time to give us Payload settings for your country and network.

Our aim is to see everyone browse free and cheap without any hassle of importing Config Files, battling with slow SSH servers, or paying for premium Servers.

Thank you for supporting Entclass Blog & EC Tunnel VPN.

🔥 Stay Tuned! More Tweaks Will Be Added Soon!

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How To Get Free Payload Settings

  1. Make sure you don't data balance is 0.0mb.
  2. Go to your mobile phone browser and type in then click Go to access the link
  3. If the site opens without megabytes that's means, you have free browsing activated on your sim.
  4. But if not try another website e.g (your internet provider sites) It might open for free.

How To Find And Activate Payload Settings Via Free Hosting URLs

You can get free hosting Url for free payload unlimited browsing via your Mobile Network official websites.
Try and search for a free website that opens for free whenever you don't have a data subscription.

Do You know a Country like Nigeria Has a lot of free browsing cheats?

Here Is The List of websites That Opens For Free In Nigeria:

  • Operamini site/App
  • e.t.c

That's It Enjoy Yourself.

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