Saturday, 1 February 2020

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3 Mysterious End-of-the-year Practices That'll Unlock a Writer's Breakthrough*

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How to Join Christmas Girls and Boys WhatsApp group links

Picture yourself sitting on a lounge, with your laptop, by this time December, 2020, reminiscing on how far you’ve successfully adjusted the priorities that distracted the writing plans you had for 2019. Because you’ve already tripled your income figure.

This was my experience.

Writing is life. We both know. But would you believe me that at certain times, writing could make your life so miserable?

I’ll reveal to you three killer strategies that were difficult for me to practice. Fortunately, it might not be hard for you. Because I’m a lazy brat. It really wasn’t an easy thing for me, but I never regretted committing myself to it and taking hardwork as fun. I had no option than to just do it. “Just do it”.

Remember last year December… How you fantasized on how splendid this year’s December would be with bountiful upon marvelous breakthroughs, in the world of writing.

But here’s December now. Could those dreams come true?


But irrespective of whatever niche you write on, you can actually fast-track, sky-rocket or even quadruple your yield (which may be your online followership too), with these writing breakthrough practices that I think mysteriously worked for me in 2019.

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